Thermo Hygrometer – Fast and Precise Instrument



Thermo Hygrometer is an instrument that is a combination of both a hygrometer and a thermometer. This instrument is used to measure humidity and temperature, simultaneously. It is majorly used for indoor purposes but there are a few Thermo Hygrometers that can be used as outdoor measuring devices too.

Factors to be considered when choosing a Thermo Hygrometer:

Choosing the best Thermo Hygrometer depends on where and how you use them. Before choosing the best hygrometer go through the below factors:

  1. Application

Application is an important factor when choosing aThermo Hygrometer model.There are different models with different settings in the market. Whatever your needs may be, you have to consider applications before purchasing Thermo Hygrometers.


  1. Accuracy

Thermo Hygrometers are consistent instruments. Most of them are accurate within ±1%oC for temperature and ±5% RH for humidity, on an average. To ensure that you are buying a good quality Thermo Hygrometer, make sure to check whether your instrument works within this range. If your instrument is not working within this range, then you would need to calibrate it.


  1. Power source and battery life

If you want to buy an Electrical Thermo Hygrometer, you need to consider the correct power source. If you are planning to buy aBluetooth enabled Thermo Hygrometer, then battery life is more important.


  1. Interconnectivity and user interface

You have plenty of options when it comes to connecting a Thermo Hygrometer. Thanks to modern technology advances in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Many of these devices use their own apps and allow you to examine your humidity levels via Bluetooth from your smart phone.

From your smart phones you can access temperature and humidity levels in your home when you are not even there from a Wi-Fi enabled app. Some of the best Thermo Hygrometers can interact with your smart home devices like Google Assistant.


  1. Data logging

If you are serious about controlling the humidity and temperature, it is very important to collect the data. You need to consider a Thermo Hygrometer that keeps a log of temperature and humidity values.Some Thermo Hygrometers keep data logs in their app for up to two years and you can export a spreadsheet of this stored data. You can store this exported data on your computer.


Applications of Thermo Hygrometers:

  • HVAC
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Breweries andFermentation industries
  • Plant growth chambers
  • Environmental research
  • Food ripening and storage industries etc.


Advantages of using Thermo Hygrometers:

  • Quick sensor response time
  • It is a portable instrument
  • Repeatability at ambient RH values
  • The price of an instrument is inexpensive
  • Easy to read and illuminated display


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