Temperature Mapping in India

Though it seems like a heavy term, Temperature mapping/Thermal Mapping is not difficult to understand. It basically is a process that identifies and quantifies the variations in temperature as well as Relative Humidity of a particular room/area. In a controlled room, say at 24 Degrees, the entire room does not even reach the controlled limit, there will be certain areas that would be about 2/3 degrees above or below the set limit. Thermal mapping is performed to determine these areas so that the product can be stored in the correct location thereby allowing it to perform up to its potential..

For accurate results, the instruments used for thermal mapping need to be:

  • Reliable and give accurate readings, as a lot of other data is based on the same.
  • Uitable to the technological needs of the task for which it is allocated and should fulfill the desired criteria.
  • Be specifically designed for the environment that it is meant to be used in, else it may be of no use to the end user due to incorrect results generated.
  • Sufficient of memory in order to collect/log the data for the desired interval, based on which conclusions are made.

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