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Wind Direction Sensor Model : EQ – FST202

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Wind Direction Sensor

EQ – FST202 Wind Direction Sensor is based on Hall Effect. The cup turns round once be blown. The wind direction variable transfer into relative signal output. The base is made of high strength alloy and finish by surface treatment and is featured with water proof, corrosion resisting. It can be used in harsh environment. High – Performance digital circuit is built in FST Wind direction sensors. It carefully designed the working condition of RFI & EMI resistance and the surge voltage. It is featured with strong RFI & EMI resistance, wide power range and polarity protection, meeting ICE. CE (EMC) requirement. It can meet demands of working aloft, construction machinery, port operation, wind power generation system.

Features : 

• Excellent Resistance against impact, overload, shock and erosion
• Small and Exquisite, Easy to take, Simple to install
• Alloy Material Finish, Reasonable Structure design and nice outlook quality

Applications : 

• Working Aloft Testing and Control
• Engineering Machine Testing and Control
• Weather Station and Environment Protection Testing and Control
• Port and wharf Environment Testing and Control

Model :  EQ – FST202