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Temperature Datalogger Model – 8813

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Temperature Datalogger


  • Built in Start / Stop Button Design for Activating.
  • User-defined Min. and Max. Alarm Setting with Red LED Blinking.
  • Data is Retained in Non-volatile memory. No loss when Battery is Low or has been Removed
  •  Rugged, Waterproof Housing IP65 Rating.
  • Display control for viewing specified period.
  • 3 Ways to Download Recording Data
    1 ) 9801NEW – DATALOGGER PRINTER Connect Directly to the Printer.
    2 ) 9802 -IrDA DATALOGGER PRINTER Connect Directly on the Printer or Via IrDA Download to
    the Printer.
    3 ) USB DATALOGGER INTERFACE Connect Logger onto Interface to PC.

Model : 8813