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Soil Moisture Meter Model: EQ-AT210

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Product Description

Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture Sensor accurately measures soil moisture for many applications. The sensor requires no maintenance and has a high level signal output for datalogging systems. The moisture gauge averages moisture through a column of soil equal to its length when placed vertically, or will measure moisture at a specific soil depth when placed horizontally.Additional temperature sensors can be added to monitor temperature for plant growth studies and control of bioremediation.Water is the primary factor in determining the dielectric constant of soil. Thus Soil Moisture sensor measures the dielectric constant of the soil. The sensor uses TDR, time domain reflectometry, for direct soil moisture measurement.

Specification : 

Range : 0 to 100% saturation
Power Supply : 12VDC
Dimension : ¾” Dia X 27” long
Output : 4 ~ 20mA

Model : EQ-AT210