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Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC) – MP210

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Product Description

Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC)

MP200 PLC Series provide fast, stable and cost effective solutions to your industrial automation requirements. You can develop complex logical applications by using its FBD programming interface. It also provides optimum solutions with integrated digital, analog and temperature inputs/outputs.


Supply: Protected Power: <5W                     Real-time Clock

CPU Freq.: 16 MHZ

Control Features

Cycle Time < 0.17 ms/Cycle                                      Non-volatile Memory : 4kByte SRAM
Program Memory: 4MBit FLASH                             Log Record Memory: 128kByte Data/Event Record
Block Capacity: 1500

Fast and Easy Programming

IEC 61131-3 Standard Instructions                                        Online Monitoring Offline Simulation
Function Block Diagram(FBD) Programmable Easy          Remote Firmware Update
Programming via Integrated USB Connection Point          Remote Project Loading
Macro Definition and Scripting Feature

Model : MP210 Series