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Portable Pressure Pump Model : LPP 1000

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The LPP 1000 hand held test pump is lightweight, easy to use and can generate pressures up to 1000 bar / 14500 psi. The LPP 1000 is well suited for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, pressure switches and pressure gauges.

The LPP 1000 can be used as a Portable Pressure Comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices. The system offers adjustable over pressure protection, fine control, an a unique selector switch to move from priming to high pressure generation.

Features :

•   Hydraulic Pressure up to 1000 bar / 14500 psi!
•    Sealed Construction – no leaks – no rust!
•   Including flexible hose for connection to test specimen
•   Lightweight, hand held and easy to use.
•   Quick priming and pressure generation using scissor action pump.
•    High pressure / priming selector.
•   Fine adjustment control.
•   Pressure release valve.
•   Large see-through reservoir with a large capacity
•   Compatible with many different liquids, e.g. mineral oil, distilled water.
Skydrol- and brake fluid option also available.

Model : Model : LPP-1000