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Online CO2 Transmitter WALL MOUNT TYPE Model : EQ – GT03

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Product Description

Online CO2 Transmitter WALL MOUNT TYPE

With the high CO2 concentration indoors, people will feel tired easily. So by controlling the CO2 value
relevantly, people will feel more energetic. CO2 transmitter  now is substantially used inside the buildings and some even being applies in agriculture to help foster the growth the plants in a more healthier and quicker way.

Applications : 

•  HVAC Control
•  Instrument Testing equipment
•  Environmental control and monitoring system
•  Green houses, fruit and vegetable stirage

Technical Specification

•  Sensor Type                             NDIR Sensor

•  Measuring Range                     10000PPM

•  Working Range                        10000PPM

•  Output                                       4~20mA (programmable)

•  Linear Accuracy                       ±30 ppm ±3 % of measured value

•  Sensitivity                                 ±20 ppm ±1 % of measured value

Model : EQ – GT03