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Non-Contact & Contact Tachometer Model : CDT-2000HD

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Product Description

Non-Contact & Contact Tachometer

Measuring Range

Non – Contact: 1.00 – 99,999 rpm

Contact : 1.00 – 19,999 rpm

Combination Hand-Held Digital Tachometer combines the best
features of both contact and non- contact models to accurately measure
RPM, surface speed and length.

When using the non-contact mode,rotational speed (RPM) is measured
using a visible beam of light. The CDT-2000HD can be up to 24 inches
away from the small piece of reflective tape that is affixed to the rotating
element. In the contact operating mode, the speed is sensed by directly
contacting the rotating device using the cone tip or surface speed wheel
supplied with the instrument.

Model : CDT-2000HD