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Resistivity Controller Model : EQ-RCT-5220E

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Product Description

Resistivity Controller


•    More Reliable: Fully automatic calibration procedure.
•    Switch display resistivity and conductivity, and measurement unit switch.
•    Transmission current checking during operation.
•    More flexible in control applications: Control of low resistance / high limit, hysteresis control (based        on resistivity unit)
•    Isolated, dual mode, transferable, reversed current        circulation,  any two transmission range can          be set in  full-scale range support all received signal calibrator in instrument mode,
applicable to all two wires PLC module system in transmitting mode.
•    Alarm option.
•    LCD display provides clear technical implication of various
parameter setting and status, more convenient and clear
than the code prompt surface


•   Display : LCD
•   Cell Constant : 0.0500 cm-1
•   Constant Range  : (0.05 ± 0.01) cm-1
•   Measure Range  : 0 ~ 18.25 MÙ.cm
•   Resolution  : 0.01 MÙ.cm
•   Accuracy  : 2.0 digits

EQ – RCT – 5220E