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Differential Pressure Transmitter – EQ-PT-500

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Product Description

Differential Pressure Transmitter

CS-PT500/500T series is a high reliability, high stability and high accuracy differential pressure transmitter by our R & D Dept recent years research. Widely used in liquid , gas differential pressure measurement, such as water, oil, mild corrosive liquid.

Features :

•  OEM Provided
•  Piezo- Resistance Diffuse silicon Sensor
•  VDC/AC Voltage output
•  Intrinsic Safety Certification
•  Explosion Proof Certification
•  CE Mark
•  Multiple Measurement range and Signal Output

Applications : 

•  Flow Measurement
•  Sewage Treatment
•  Wind Differential Pressure under coal-mine
•  Hydroelectric Station water Head
•  Urban Flood proof & drainage
•  Underwater Project
•  Underground Water Monitoring
•  Water – save irrigation

Model : EQ- PT500