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LOW Prise, Chart Recorder Model : CR06

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Product Description

Chart Recorder

Low price, Short case, Light-weight

Features :
· 6-channel dotting
· Short depth in 150mm
· Dust-proot. IP-65 Water-resistance
· Standard RS-232 Communication interface
· Universal input and Range

Specifications :
Nos. of Input : 6
Input Sampling : 10s/6ch, max.
Type of Input : Direct Voltage : ±10mV, 0-20mV,0-50mV, ±1V, 1-5V
Direct Current : 4-20mA
T/c : K, T, J, E, B, S, R, G, C, N, PR40-20, PLII, L, Au-Fe
RTD :  PT 100,  PT50,  JPT100
Accuracy : ±0.2% ±1digit max. for Digital indicator/printing
Alarm : 
NOs. of relay outputs : 6 outs (Form a contacts; Built-in option)
Capacity : 30VDC 3A Max. Loaded
Interface : RS-232C (Standard), RS-485 (Modbus RTU : Option)
Power Supply: 
Rated Power Voltage : 100-240VAC (50/60Hz)
Recording / Printing Performance
Recording : Raster-scan printing
Printing : Dotting with 6 color ribbon
Dot Print interval : 10.0s/6ch max.

Model : CR06