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CO2 / Temp / RH Meter Model : 7755

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Product Description

CO2 / Temp / RH Meter

Features : 

•  Low Cost Portable Meter Checking Indoor Air Quality
•  Triple Display 3 Parameters Simultaneously : CO2, Temperature & Humidity & Display Air/dew                Point/wet Bulb Temp. by Selection
•   Big Lcd Display with High Resolution
•  Design with NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) Waveguide Technology Sensor
•  Warning Carbon Dioxide Level
•  Back Light Function for Working in Dark Area
•  Long Time Drift Compensation
•  Audible Alarm Threshold Setting
•  Maximum, Minimum, Average Functions Included
•  RS232 output every 2 Seconds via Software to link to PC for Further Analysis (Optional)
•  Hold Function Freezes Current Readings
•  Display TWA (Time Weighted Average) 8 Hrs. value or 15 minutes STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit      value

Model : 7755