Paperless Recorders Benefits

Data acquisition market is a steady growing market with great future scope. Thanks to modern technology, the world has moved over from traditional Chart recorders to Paperless Recorders. In addition to high accuracy and ease of use, they offer security to the data stored and options to connect to the Ethernet.

Paperless recorders obtain parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity, etc. and display them in the form of graphs, charts and data points that are much easier to study to gauge the performance of a machine under observation. The data stored in a paperless recorder can be sent to any system for analysis of the data captured and take necessary actions.

Benefits of Paperless Recorders:

1. It Saves Time:
Effectively replaces the use of written records to store data. Maintaining files, arranging them and taking care of bundles of papers is a waste of time and space. Now, shop-floor employees no longer have to spend time browsing through numerous files and folders thus saving time for higher priority tasks. The use of Paperless Recorders reduces the scope of Human errors and hence making the pipeline much more accurate as well as efficient.

2. Economical:
Conventional data recording is costlier than digital recording. Conventional recording requires more man-power as well as stationary. Manual recording of data requires more physical space which is an expensive commodity in today’s world. Digitalization of data also minimizes the cost required for printing and mailing documents.

3. Eco-friendly:
Harmful gases are released during the production of paper which is not environmentally friendly. Papers are manufactured using plant materials and thus it will contribute to deforestation. Non-renewable chemicals are found in inks which are again harmful to our environment. Paperless recorder is eco-friendly because it doesn’t need ink and doesn’t release harmful gases.

4. Reliable:
Paperless recorder is a reliable method for collecting and recording data. The paperless recorder provides the users with accurate results which is highly beneficial for the users. All the data stored in paperless recorders can be completely relied upon without any doubt hence reducing the scope of human errors.

It’s really tough to remember or recall the things that are stored on paper. If a single page is misplaced, the entire record would be deemed unreliable and the study would have to be conducted again. But with the help of a paperless recorder data can be managed without the fear of losing records.

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