NABL Calibration in India, NABL Calibration Service in India

What do we mean by Calibrations and NABL?

Calibration in simple terms means comparing the accuracy and performance of a test instrument against the set standards so as to determine where it stands in terms of accuracy of its outputs.  It ascertains the relationship between the actual readings given out by the test instrument and those that are desired. These readings are then recorded on a certificate, the format for which is authorized by NABL.

An overview of NABL

NABL or National testing board for Calibrations Laboratories is a National authorizing body that sets standards for calibration of instruments, documents that need to be maintained, the conditions in which the calibration must be performed to obtain accurate results and so on.

The number of laboratories opting for accreditation has been on the rise in recent times; this is mostly because NABL acts as a benchmark for standardized operation allowing labs to establish their stand in the industry in terms of quality of their calibration, Nationally and, indirectly, Internationally.

Benefits of NABL accreditation.

Increased customer satisfaction by means of increased confidence in the calibration activity performed that would in turn boost the business.

Increased efficiency of the calibration that leads to reduced rework.

Since NABL has a set of predetermined rules/procedures, which are in-line with standards of International organizations, that need to be followed to maintain a quality outcome, getting an NABL calibration for your instrument would mean that it will be accepted worldwide

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