Importance of Calibration


Calibration is a process of comparing a measuring device or an instrument against a known value with an equal or better standard and ensures to see if it is accurate. This procedure of checking measuring instruments which measures parameters related to Electro-technical, Thermal, Mechanical, Dimensional, Environmental, Water chemical etc., and also it gives the idea as how close is the measured value of an instrument to the true value.

With repeated use and over a period of time, all measuring instruments start to degrade, which affects its accuracy and precision. Regularly calibrating equipment will ensure that industry-defined standards are met and that the equipment is functional and thus provides accurate results.

Importance of calibration in different fields:                                   

Calibration is very important because it helps in precise measurements and precise measurements are essential to the quality, safety and improvement of many products and services we use and trust every day.

Calibration is important in many fields and some are explained below:

  1. Pharmaceutical industry:

To be effective and safe, some medications must be manufactured within tight temperature and humidity tolerances.Some drugs are very expensive and if they get too warm before use, they may become ineffective.To avoid this calibration is very important and the calibration process lets people all over the world take medicines with assurance of effectiveness and safety.

  1. Medical industry:

Medical equipment calibration is important to minimize uncertainty in measurements, to reduce errors and to bring measurements to tolerable levels. In the medical industry, even a small error in the measurement is unacceptable.

For hospitals, the health and safety of patients remains the top priority. Doctors rely on the accuracy and precision of instruments which are used to examine patients. Hence, the precision and accuracy of a device is very important. To ensure that health and safety aren’t compromised, medical devices should be calibrated regularly.

  1. Aerospace:

The manufacture of aeroplanes, satellites and rockets requires many parts for assembly and all parts need to perform as specified to stay away from tragedy. Test and measuring devices used in manufacturing help to guarantee that manufacturing equipment performs as specified. To validate the accuracy of testing and measuring devices used in manufacturing should be calibrated regularly.

  1. Trade:

Without precise measurements assured by calibration, both the seller and buyer would doubt if they are getting their fair share in the trade. Precise measurements assured by calibration allow those who trade in gold, oil etc. to be confident enough in dealings and to run their local or international businesses with reliable information.

  1. Food industry:

Improper calibration of the equipment used in the food industry could result in a food safety issue, customers becoming ill, legal action, etc. This will damage the reputation of the business. The possible cost of reputation is more when compared to the cost of calibration.

  1. Manufacturing industry:

In manufacturing industries, any equipment used should be calibrated at multiple points across its working process to ensure reliable information to critical alarms. Injury or even death may occur due to improper calibration of equipment in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Scientific laboratory:

Science research is very expensive. Non-accurate scientific measurement instruments can give incorrect results which results in expensive errors. So, it is very important to adopt strict calibration programs to ensure that the laboratory instruments used in testing and research would never cause faulty readings or lack of controls.

  1. Chemical industry:

Calibration is important in the chemical industry because exact chemical quantities and environmental conditions are necessary for successful product manufacture.

Covid-19 vaccination is one of the examples. Our Indian government has a big, challenging job in creating and delivering vaccinations. Vaccinations need to be made with accurate compositions and kept within certain temperatures to stay effective and safe. To produce effective and safe vaccinations, calibration is compulsory.

Benefits of calibration:

  • Improves safety
  • Saves money
  • Increases profit by avoiding rejection of products
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Extends the life of equipment

Importance of calibration in future:

The importance of calibration grows in the future.As the technology grows, the more precise measurements are needed and greater the significance of calibration.


In summary, calibration is significantly important wherever measurements are important, it allows users and businesses to have confidence in the results that they monitor record and subsequently control.

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