Flow Meter Calibration in India

Calibration is a method that checks if the test instrument is working within its claimed accuracy limits in comparison to a master instrument having accuracy higher than that of the test instrument. It is mandatory for the calibration readings to fall within the accuracy limits specified for the instrument to be approved. Therefore it is essential to find a calibration service provider who can ascertain the operation of the instruments for you.

HTA Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd is NABL accredited and an ISO certified company based out of Bangalore that has its operations pan-India. We have a wide and strong customer base built over 30 years in the field. We understand the customers’ requirements and have built-up on a product line that can meet the changing market demand. Among other instruments, we also deal with Flow Meters and Refractometers with varying ranges.

What makes us one among the top Calibration Services Providers in the country?

It is a must that an instrument provided is calibrated accurately and who could understand that better than us. The competency of the calibration is judged by the accreditation of the Laboratory and the certification held by the company. In terms of certification, HTA Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd strictly adheres to thestandards of ISO and NABL.  All our calibrations are done as per the ISO/NABL Standards to meet the quality standards expected from us.

HTAIPL takes pride in its boundless 24/7 customer support. Complaints, if any, are taken very seriously and effective Corrective Actions are suggested. Customers are kept in the constant loop about the status of their instruments/orders and are given a probable date of completion that HTAIPL ensures is strictly adhered to without any compromise in terms of quality of service.

For any queries with respect to our products/services, please get in touch with us through our website and it would be our pleasure to build an association with you.