Data Logger – An Instrument Guide (2022)

A data logger is an electronic device that automatically and continuously records, measures, analyzes and validates data over time. The data logger includes a sensor and a computer chip in order to receive the information and to store it respectively. Data loggers are mainly based on digital processors.

Most data loggers have sensors in a small portable box that run on batteries and either have slots or USB connectors to retrieve the data. These are significantly used in the field of geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring.

Few Dataloggers have the capability to send Emergency Alerts in way of SMS or Email when the monitoring parameter exceeds/falls below the limits set by the user. Some data loggers come with inbuilt alarms or LEDs to alert the shop-floor personnel in case of an emergency.

How long do data loggers last?

It depends on two factors:

1. Power backup of the data logger and
2. Memory capacity of the data logger

Although most of the data loggers have high longevity and durability, they continue to work for many years. But few of them work for a shorter period of time.

How to retrieve the data from a data logger?

There are two ways:

1. Retrieve using modem: Here the data from an automatic data logger can be transmitted remotely to a computer and the user should arrange a data SIM card for each data logger.
2. Retrieve using laptop / PC: Here the data from a data logger is directly downloaded to a laptop. Also, data can be transferred to the laptop using either USB pen drive or through the internet.

Types of Data Loggers:

There are dataloggers that measure a varied range of parameters, a few of them are as below:

1. Temperature Data Logger
2. Humidity Data Logger
3. Wireless Data Logger
4. Sound Level Data Logger
5. Light Intensity Data Logger
6. Pressure Data Logger etc.

Advantages of Data Loggers:

1.Data loggers can be carried out round the clock and 365 days of the year.
2.Data loggers can be used in remote or dangerous circumstances.
3. No need to have a person present.
4.Data loggers give accurate results because there is no room for human error.
5.They can easily capture and store critical measurements in an unchangeable form.

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