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What is Calibration?

The term “Calibration” holds multiple meanings and is used in various ways however; the basic definition of the term remains the same. In lay man’s tongue, “Calibration” is nothing but having a reference instrument, called a master instrument/ the standard, against which an instrument, called a testing instrument, is compared based on the readings to assert the proper working of the instrument.

Let us make it simpler for your understanding, it is of utmost importance that the results given by the instrument should be accurate, therefore, in order to accept the results provided by the instrument,the two (master and the instrument) have to be compared. What is important is that this reference standard needs to be of a higher accuracy in comparison to the instrument that needs calibration to be able to consider the Calibration as a “Pass”.

Why is Calibration Important?

This is a question that most companies’ / instrument owners would need an answer to. Why do I need to Calibrate? What is it going to fetch me? It just seems like a waste of my resources, do I really need it? There is just a simple explanation to this, without calibration there is no way of knowing if your instrument is performing upto its claimed capability.

Lets take a basic example here, you are manufacturing a Paracetamol that requires 50mg of a chemical A , 43mg of Chemical B and 7mg of chemical C to produce a Paracetamol that does its function. You use a weighing scale to confirm their weights before mixing them up to produce the Paracetamol. The producers depend on this weighing scale to read out the apt weight of the chemical powder used. This aptness is achieved by means of frequent calibration of the weighing scale.

If the calibration is missed out, there are chances of the weighing scale displaying wrong weights of the chemical weighed which would result in the wrong measures of chemical powder used in the Paracetamol, thus endangering human life.

Calibration is necessary to ensure the efficiency of the instrument hence, ensuring the quality of the end product.Calibration plays an important role, in any industrial sector, be it Pharma, Automotive, Manufacturing or Agro, all of which are under heavy quality regulations to provide a consumer product of high standards in order to meet customer satisfaction. Thus, Calibration cannot be overlooked or even taken lightly.

The following points brief out why it is necessary to calibrate:

1) The performance of any instrument depreciates over the years of its usage thus raising a question on the reliability of the results it produces. Putting it in the form of an example. You buy a brand new car. Its usage of over a couple of uears, there will be a depreciation in terms of mileage, minor engine related issue or wear and tear of the tyer. Well, all of these are a few factors that contribute to the smooth operation of a car and hence, it is imperative to get these set-rightby way of regular servicing and checking the overall functioning of the car. The point here is, if you do not monitor the performance and identify the problem areas the efficiency is likely to go down providing unacceptable results. Equating the regular servicing and maintenance of the car in the example to Calibration of an instrument portrays its importance.

2) An important factor to consider is Quality. It’s vital to have any instrument work within acceptable parameters to maintain the desired quality of the end product. A reduction in the quality of this product would severely hamper the reputation of the company by bringing down customer satisfaction levels. Every instrument comes with an acceptable range of deviation usually depicted by a “±” followed by a number E.g.: If an instrument has an accuracy of 40 ± 2, it means that the acceptable range of the readings is from 38 to 42, beyond which the result of the instrument is not acceptable. Hence, Calibration is required.

This was a brief overview stating the need for calibration. HTA Instrumentation Pvt Ltd. Provides calibration services of a high standard, the company is ISO certified and has a NABL Accredited Calibration Laboratory. The company has a far and wide reach aiming at 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us for more details that would help your cause.