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Have you heard the term automation? Will let’s put it in simple terms for you. It is the use of certain computer-based devices and electronic gadgets in order to carry out a process in the most systematic and efficient way. Although it is feared that with the use of automation in the production field the human labor force is likely to suffer, but there is not much that can be done about it growing large scale industrialization is giving way to more and more use of automated techniques to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing unit. Automation boosts the capability and reliability in a way and this helps the business to a great extent.

In a lot of manufacturing units, automated parts and electronic devices have been replaced by humans. All those tasks that were earlier carried out by the human workforce have been replaced and new technology and modern instruments have come in.

Key elements of automation

There are certain key factors that govern the automation industry and the presence of these elements leads to the smooth functioning of the same. Let us understand the come in simple terms.

  • The basic thing that is required to operate the process in an industry is electricity and it is on the basis of this that an automation process works. 
  • Electrical power is an important part of the industry and large scale production is possible only because of that. Therefore there is a lot of stress on power generation and use of electricity.
  • Another important element is the delivery of instruction that is done with the help of a program that is charted out. This helps us the processing steps and accelerates the production process.
  • The third step on the key elements involved in the controls system that executes the nature of work to be done. I.e. it puts the plan into action.

Having explained the automation process now let us sees how the various testing devices come into play here. During the whole automation process at each step there is a requirement to check things like temperature, humidity speed get. So the various devices help in monitoring the same and give an accurate image of how the process is being carried out at each level. Testing instrument help keep a close watch on the production process and prove to be instrumental in judging the accuracy, speed, and reliability of the entire production line

Automation and testing are two inseparable entitle and should be combined in order to reap the best results.